Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Think Vista Killed My Computer . . .


Tonight I arrive home to a lovely dead pc.

Further checking indicates failed power supply.

Hp has what looks to be a measley 108 watt powersupply jammed up in the tiny slimpc case.

Over a year of running XP and all was well. Three weeks of vista and the powersupply bit the dust. I have noticed much higher cpu usage and nearly constant hard drive access.

During the "good old days" (on xp) I had virtual memory disabled and the 2gb of ram was sufficient to carry the load. Vista proved otherwise.

XP + Wimpy powersupply = Good To Go
Wimpy powersupply + Vista = 3 Weeks Life

Makes you wonder if the bloat is worth the enviromental impact. With carbon impact studies all the rage has anybody done one on XP vs. Vista?

Oh yeah! Any good deals out there for a mac?

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1 comment:

Mark Rickert said...

I'll sell you my used G4 mac mini for $150 :)
That's $50 less than I've been offering others but you're family... and I want all my family to get hooked on Macs. :devious_smile:

(It's all part of my get-rich-slow scheme with Apple stock)