Saturday, June 26, 2010

How I scored an iPhone 4 on launch day.

On June 15 I tried to preorder an 32GB iPhone 4 and have it shipped to
my home on launch day. I started at 4:30 am and finally gave up at 8
am. Due to a little thing called work, I couldn't try again until 11 pm, and by that time, the shipping date
had slipped to July 2nd. I said screw it, and placed the order. I
wasn't happy, but I was getting an iPhone. By the next day I was
feeling good! The shipping date for new orders had slipped to july 15th.

June 23rd I decided to stop by Best Buy to see if they were going to
have any phones for walk up customers on launch day. When I asked,
the girl said to hold on that they had a situation, and that she would
have to call the manager and ask her. Umm. She called the manager and
then she asked me what time I could be there to pickup a phone! I
said I could be there at 7 am.
Apparently, they had a person back out of a preorder, and they had an extra!

I gave her my info, and she wrote my name on the glorious iPhone 4 box.

Thursday morning I arrive at the store at 6:40am. There were two other
guys and the best buy mobile manager. We chatted for a while, then a
little after 7 am they let us in the store and I got my phone!

I drove home and immediately cancelled the preorder.

The only downside to all this was the small detail that I ended up
getting a 16GB model instead of a 32GB.

At any rate, I'm loving my iPhone 4!