Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Youtube view in high quality option

I have put most of the video that I have recently recorded up on youtube for the world to see. If you read back in the past posts you will see some of my ranting about the poor quality of youtube video.

There has been some changes since then. Youtube has increased the upload file size to one gigabyte, but kept the video length at 10 min. I sure would like to see longer videos! However, the one Gb limit has allowed uploading dv files straight from my computer. No rendering and rerendering. Full (highest quality that I have) into the youtube video distortion device. One side affect that I noticed that none of my videos that I uploaded in this manner have the view in high quality option. Not even after a month. Oh well, I guess I'll go back the render and rerender method!
Heres one of the "rerendered" videos. You will have to follow the link to see the high quality option.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My take on: Google Chrome

After several friends asking me about the new Google Chrome browser, I decided to give it a test spin.

My Thoughts:

1. Was dissapointed that it was only for xp/vista. Crap, I have to go startup the ole' gateway lappy. Vista, ugh! . . .

2. After 15 - 20 minutes of disk thrashing, I had the new browser installed. (Note: this is not chrome's fault, but an overwhelmed underperforming cheapo laptop running a bloated OS)

3. The Browser: I like it. It is very simple, clean, and smooth. Excellent screen utilization. It didn't take very long for me to "acclimate" to it. Strangely, some of my friends & family have had trouble with tabs in firefox, and chrome's implementation should make tabbed browsing more intuitive for them. It feels like tabs weren't a oops we need to add this to our browser thing.

4. I will undoubtedly be back in firefox, my preferred browser. I am addicted to the add-ons and extensions that it has. Not to mention that there is no MAC version of Chrome!

Google listen up! I need add-ons. Come to think of it, the add-ons are the reason I don't use Safari or Internet Explorer. The biggies for me are: AdBlock Plus & Foxmarks