Sunday, February 22, 2009

Everybody needs to see this video!

I found this video on the internet that explains ALOT about how the credit crisis occurred.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

Friday, February 20, 2009

My productive evening.

A guy I knew called and said he had a new computer to setup and wanted me to help him with it. He lives in the boonies. No DSL or Cable. Only Dialup. Ugh! DIALUP.

I asked him why he bought a new computer, he said because he was trying to do his taxes and turbotax said he needed to upgrade his windows to some SP thing. He said that he first went to radioshack and asked about the SP thing and they said he needed to buy a ~$300 update. (I assume vista??) He left Radioshack and bought a new $1200 computer.

He was due a new computer. Believe me!

So here is where things go frustratingly bad.

I drive 45 mintues to his house to find out that the reason he can't get the internet working is because he has the phoneline plugged into the ethernet port. Yep, you guessed it no modem. I decided that we needed an usb model, easier to install and easier to switch to a new computer in the future.

7:00 PM Off to walmart. They had cable and dsl modems, and one lonely internal pci modem that didn't mention vista.

7:45 PM Radioshack. (his choice) only PCI internal modem so we left.

7:55 PM Bestbuy. finally found the spot for modems. They had one internal and one usb external model to choose from but no usb in stock.

8:15 PM Staples. They had several choices for modems. Three internal modems, All PCI and two! external models, One USB and one SERIAL!! Guess what? USB sold out.

8:35 PM Officemax. Two internal supramax modems pci. At this time I said screw it we will just get an internal modem!!!! No mention of vista on the boxes or the website, so we left empty handed.

8:45 PM A different Walmart. No modems of any kind.

8:55 PM back to Bestbuy! Grabbed the PCI modem, checked and made sure it worked with vista, and indeed it does.

9:40 PM back to his house. opened the cover to find, you guessed it. the only slots on the motherboard are 3 PCI Express x1 slots.

10:15 PM Ordered USB modem from amazon, select 2-day shipping.

10:45 Head home, defeated until the modem arrives.