Monday, December 6, 2010

My what a pretty lock you have there…

If you have ever used the basement door at the house I live at you know of the Master Lock 5400D portable lock box attached to the door knob. Usually I pinch myself on it when I open the door. It was put on there by a previous resident, and no one knew the combo.

My father-in-law said he was going to cut it off with a bolt cutter, but I told him to hold off and let me see if I could remove it intact. I was introduced to the sport of lockpicking from my brother-in-law, Mark. Doing a little research online yielded very little other than lots of other folks with the same question as I. Could the master 5400d be easily opened without destroying it?

Let it be known that the $29 lockbox is fairly insecure, as I an inexperienced novice who has never picked a lock an has no lockpicking tools opened it in less than an hour. And that was cut to less than 2 minutes after I did it the first time!I look forward to more lockpicking challenges in the future!