Saturday, July 30, 2011


Tonight I was reminded how wonderful it is to be a Mac user. A month ago or so, my in-laws bought a new laptop and I started getting emails from them that had images hosted on a skydrive. I thought nothing of it, but tonight I was asked why it was happening, so I took a look. For some unknown reason Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, has decided that if you use their default windows mail application and you attach images to an email or if you use their client to send images from picasa, etc, it labels it as a "photo email" and takes the images hostage and automatically uploads them to the skydive and attaches some tiny thumbnails in the .png format to the email.

I spent the better of an hour trying to work around the problem, finally stumbling on to a setting buried several levels down in the windows mail live 2011 app. The setting supposedly was to disable emails with images being sent as "photo emails", but alas, the still did...

In the past 3 years as a Mac user I have never had to work so hard to get my computer to do a simple task that I asked of it.

This would have been such a non-issue with Apple Mail and iPhoto!

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