Tuesday, August 21, 2007

8-18-07 weekend

So, went with my dad to a tractor pull up in harrisonburg, va. saturday.

Had a really good time, it was an Interstate pull, and there was plenty of stuff to see. It was the first pull that I had seen two sleds in operation, (other than antique pulling). And it seemed to help. One thing that really does peeve me off is going to a truck and tractor pull and they have a pull once every 15 minutes! come on people get it together!!!!! The guys running this show had things together better than that, it looks like they were averaging 3 to 4 minutes or so per hook. The weird thing to me was that they waited until the pull was complete on track a and the sled had returned back to the starting line BEFORE the puller even got on the track to hookup to the sled on track 2. Maybe it was an insurance regulation of one puller on the track at a time.

During the event the “Decision Maker” sled broke. You really don’t know what that feels like until you are involved with planning/putting on a tractor pull. They were able to get it going again, however. I have some footage of it happening, and I wonder if it had something to do with how uneven the track was.

Of particular interest was the 7500 lb Light Limited Turbo class, of which a lynchburg area locals tractor was competing. I took my video camera and taped a portion of the event. So what follows is a taste of the action.

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Carol said...

Enjoyed reading about your ramblings.
Very educational, too.